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Meaningful Tattoo Designs


Galactic-MoonTattoos are permanent so most people want their tattoos to have lasting meaning. Meaningful and symbolic designs for tattoos are increasingly being preferred over ornamental and meaningless ones. The most beautiful tattoos tell a story, and that meaning is what makes tattoos worth keeping. Here is a list of symbolic designs for tattoos that you can use to galvanize self-improvement or a belief.


  1. Sun and sun symbols


The sun is a positive representation of vitality and power. Without the sun, life on earth will cease that is why it is revered in ancient traditions. It can also symbolize a new beginning.


  1. Moon

The moon has long been regarded to represent female energies. It is considered a passive luminary because it reflects the sun’s rays. As a symbol, it means intuition, mystery, psyche, transition and renewal.


  1. Sacred geometry

The designs in nature are governed by a universal pattern. It is considered sacred because it is believed that it represents perfection, free from faulty human intervention. There are different kinds of sacred geometry designs for tattoos that will suit both men and women.


  1. Ohm

Indeed a sacred symbol, Ohm represents various states of consciousness. It is often chanted as a mantra during meditation because the word itself possesses powerful vibrations that affect people on a cellular and spiritual level.


  1. Malin symbol

This Swedish symbol, depicted by a twisted arrow symbolizes the need for you to continue moving forward even if obstacles hinder your progress. Because of its simple design, it makes a perfect tattoo for men and women.


  1. Latin phrases

The Latin language presents meanings that cannot simply be translated to any other language without losing its impact. The following are some Latin phrases and sentences that capture emotions better than English can.


-Ad maiora (to greater things) or simper ad meliora (always towards greatness)

-Lux in tenebris (light in darkness)

-non ducor duco (I lead. I am not led)

-veritas lux meia (truth is my light)

-luceat lux vestra (let your light shine)

-temet nosce (know yourself)

-vive ut vivas (live in order to live)

-dum vita est, spest est (with life, there is hope)

-cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)

-carpe diem. Carpe noctem (seize the day. Seize the night)


  1. Lotus

The beautiful Lotus grows in murky waters. It symbolizes the fact that through perseverance, you can rise and stand out. You don’t need to be conquered by your present situation.


Design and Fashion

Taking A Look At The Coolest Leg Tattoo Designs


Samurai leg tattooOver the years, tattoos have been used for various purposes. One of the most popular is establishing individuality. If you truly wish to set yourself apart, you’ll want to get a tattoo. Although it is possible to plaster a tattoo almost anywhere on your body, leg tattoos are exceptionally popular. For your convenience, you’ll find tips for choosing a cool leg tattoo below.


Large Area of Skin

The main reason why tattoo enthusiasts select the leg for their tattoo art is because it is very large and wide. This opens up many doors of opportunities for them, since they will be able to select an ex-large tattoo design to fill this area. If you are looking to impress your friends, you definitely need a unique tattoo design that will stick out above all the rest. You will find a large selection of tats to select from or you can design your very own.


The Anklet

There are many cool leg tattoo designs to choose from, but the anklet is refreshing and very clever. If you want to adorn your leg with an ankle bracelet permanently, you can do so with a tattoo. If you find a highly skilled artist, they’ll be able to ink you with an anklet, which simulates the real thing. Don’t be surprised, when strangers ask you where you purchased your awesome anklet.


Flower On Your Foot

If you’re sitting on the ledge and contemplating a tattoo, but don’t want to fully commit, you should consider getting a small tattoo on the top of your foot. This option can work perfectly for various reasons. First, the top of your foot will provide you with a moderate sized canvas to work with. At the same time, you will always be able to keep your tattoo concealed, if need be. This will give you the ability to become a tattoo boy or girl, without others knowing it.


Split Personality Tattoo

The leg is the perfect place for a split personality tattoo, because it will offer your enough space so that you can be more creative. This is a great opportunity for you to show your true identity, without having to speak a word. If you feel like you have a hidden identity deep down inside of your soul, then why not let it shine through your tattoo art.



At the end of the day, leg tattoos are extremely popular. The leg provides you with plenty of space to work with. If you wish to go massive or tiny, you will be able to do so. Above, you have found some great leg tattoo ideas that should not be ignored.